COVID-19 Policy

Health & Safety Protocol


At Kelowna Scalp the cleanliness of our studio and the health & safety of our clients and employees is our top priority.


We are implementing the health and safety guidelines put forth by the Provinces of British Columbia along with the federal Government of Canada.


Below is Vancouver SMP's COVID-19 protocol which serves to protect clients, staff and the general public alike. Please accept our policies and procedures for our response to operating in post-COVID-19 British Columbia.

We are open by appointment only - No Walk-Ins will be accepted

● Entry will be controlled based on Kelowna Scalp's size to enforce appropriate physical distancing, with only 1 person permitted in the waiting room.
● Customer consultations will be done virtually whenever possible to reduce unnecessary visits into the studio.

● Appointments will be staggered for adherence to recommended physical distancing guidelines, and adequate time will be given between appointments to ensure no clients overlap.

● Clients must wash hands and/or use sanitizer upon entry to the studio and to procedural rooms/spaces.

● Clients and employees must wear a mask at all times. If client doesn’t have a mask we will provide the client with one. 

● No guests allowed with client receiving service.
● Clients are encouraged to pay by card or e-transfer.

● All release forms and intake forms will be completed online. 

● We will ensure clients are in good health with no symptoms of COVID-19 and have not travelled by air or out of province for 14 days, nor live with someone in the same household as a confirmed clinical COVID-19 case who is self-isolating, at the time of booking appointment and prior to entering the studio for said appointment. Client release forms will affirm that there are no symptoms of COVID-19. These forms are to be completed online. 

● Employees will continue to clean and disinfect all environmental surfaces and multi-touch devices with appropriate disinfectants before and after daily opening, after each client interaction, and all multi-touch surfaces will be disinfected throughout the day by schedule.

● Staff’s hands are to be washed according to Kelowna Scalp's sanitation procedure.

● Ventilation will be increased to exchange inside and outside air by opening windows or adjusting air conditioning.

● Staff will wear PPE that protects their face from potential contamination. This includes, but is not limited to, gloves, masks, face shields, protective eyewear... etc. 

● Staff will follow appropriate standards for the disposal of PPE.