SMP Removal

Scalp Micropigmentation Laser Tattoo Removal


At our Vancouver location we use the PicoWay laser to safely and effectively lighten, adjust or completely remove unwanted or botched Scalp Micropigmentation aka SMP.

The Picoway targets pigment in the skin with minimal risk of scarring or damaging existing hair follicles.

SMP removal typically requires 2-3 sessions for complete removal but results vary from person to person based on a number of variables.

We use the Zimmer Chiller during PicoWay laser removal procedures to minimize pain and thermal injury for patient satisfaction.

Treatments are no more than 30 minutes long for an entire scalp micropigmentation removal session.

SMP laser removal treatments should be spaced out 8 weeks apart for best results.

Immediately after your laser removal procedure, and for the next day or two, you should expect to experience erythema (redness of the skin).


We suggest applying a cold compress to the removal area for two days following your treatment to prevent thermal injury and to alleviate and erythema and/or blistering.


If you're considering SMP removal or lightening then contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss the removal options.