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Preparing for SMP

Before you arrive for your first session of Scalp Micropigmentation you will most likely wonder what you should do to prepare for the procedure.

During your consultation you will receive instructions on how to wear your hair for the first, and subsequent sessions.

Clients with long hair should make sure to wash and completely dry your hair before arriving for your first appointment.

Clients with short hair should wear your hair as you intend on wearing it in the future. If any modifications need to be made; e.g. cutting hair shorter, then it can be done here at the studio.


What NOT to do:

You should not wear any products in your hair on the day of your procedure.Hair sprays, conditioners, concealers, adhesives or adhesive residue for hair systems... etc., will cause complications during your SMP procedure and your appointment will have to be rescheduled.


You should not arrive to your appointment with a sunburn on your scalp. Sunburnt skin is not able to retain pigment properly. If you arrive to your appointment with a sunburnt scalp then your appointment will have to be rescheduled.

If you have any questions about the procedure and/or how to prepare for the session then please don't hesitate to call or email.

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